Saturday, 11 February 2017

FOOD & DRINK ~ La Cazuela de la Abuela 2017 dates announced

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The fourth La Cazuela de la Abuela (Grandma’s Casserole) is scheduled to start in Fuengirola this coming Monday, 13th February and will run until 1st March. This year the Ayuntamiento has announced that over 80 establishments are taking part in the annual gastronomic initiative
devised to promote traditional recipes and support local participating bars and restaurants during what is historically a quiet trading period for them.

Patrons can look forward to a typical casserole served in a traditional earthenware pot together with a bebida of beer, wine or soft drink for just €2 and gain a “passport” stamp, which when completed can be handed in to the Tourist Office to receive one of 40 free mystery prizes as well as entry into a free prize draw, while the winning bar or restaurant will win a free advertising campaign for a month on FuengirolaTV

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

MOTORING ~ Taxi driver killed in freak accident

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A 50year old career Taxi driver was killed and two by-standers injured yesterday (09/02/17) in what has been descibed as a tragic freak accident after a car mowed into them at a Torreblanca Taxi rank.  Local Police are currently investigating the incident but early indications are that the driver of the offending vehicle lost complete control apparently after total brake failure.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

NEW FUNDING ~ Ayuntamiento announces development plans

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The Ayuntamiento has announced a series of forward improvement plans thanks to 6M€ additional funding. The new funds will be used to bolster current projects and pave the way for developments to the general infrastructure including total redevelopment of Los Naranjos Park as well as the resurfacing of both Avenida Alcalde Clemente Diaz and Calle Teresa Zabell as well as future plans to complete the beach walk at Castillo Sohail and a complete re-jig of the Skater Park opposite CC Miramar.

PROPERTY ~ Fuengirola Campsite residents fear uncertain future

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The future of the main campsite serving Fuengirola appears to be in jeopardy after fear reports that the owner is in negotiation to sell the site for either new housing or a commercial development, a situation further propagated by various unannounced visits to the site by architects and planners, leaving residents to launch a petition as much for information as an appeal, just to be aware of the forward position.

Also local businesses in both Fuengirola and neighbouring Mijas are equally concerned by the potential drop in business if such a move were agreed.  Malaga29640 attempted to contact both the site owner and manager but to date we have no response whatsoever,

Friday, 3 February 2017

BIOPARK ~ New pygmy hippo born at BioPark

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While not believing in the practice of "caging" wild animals no one can fail to understand the ethos of the BioPark in Fuengirola who, since inception have always participated in the European Conservations Programme (ECP). As part of their forward breeding plan they have announced the birth of a new Pygmy Hippo - another breeding success for the animal friendly zoo as yet again the breed is classified as "threatened". But thanks to the caring staff and the programme at the BioPark the young female baby hippo has just been allowed out into its parents enclosure after a period of intensive monitoring and will now be beside her mother for approximately one year.  All hilt to the BioPark

Thursday, 2 February 2017

DIARY DATE ~ Petroc scheduled for Fuengirola on 19 February

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The central Fuengirola feria ground is all set to host the sixth “Moto Perro Rock” this year on the 19th February. If you haven’t attended this event before then you have missed out, particularly if you are an animal lover and this year there is an offer of free paella prepared by Anká La Pitu (until it is all eaten!) however those that miss out on the rice delicacy can be assured of freshly made morsels including fresh hamburgers, vegetarian dishes and many other tasty treats all priced to please the pocket. Entrance is as usual €1 but with the caveat that you bring a minimum of 1kg of dog or cat food as this is the ultimate essence of the entire day.

Friday, 27 January 2017

MOTORING ~ Staying street legal when driving in Spain Part 2

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Continuing on our “Street Legal” series we go on to the question “to park or not to park.” We are all familiar and some us highly envious when we see a motorhome ramped up on the paseo, in a
car park or more commonly on the feria ground ~ however, what exactly is the law where this parking is concerned.

Police forces across Europe, not just Spain advise you seek the haven of an official camp site particularly for “your own security” Is this a generic cop-out or are their valid reasons behind their advice.

Many campers even with hounds as aggressive as German Shepherds on board have found themselves “gassed” by gangs only to wake up having lost all their valuables, cash etc. So the rules are simple ~ Are you parked or are you camping? Every vehicle is entitled to park in an allotted space in accordance with the local rules, however you are simply not allowed to park on the street if you are deemed a “camper” and this is easily defined as a unit that you are “sleeping in” “cooking in” or even more draconian using “wheel chocks” or even having your” skylight open” transgresses the law. So while many of us aspire to your status stay safe, stay legal and enjoy your nouveau lifestyle.

BREXODUS ~ Brits fleeing Costa continues to increase

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The British exodus from the Costa back to the UK continues to gather gravitas with latest figures issued by the INE (Spanish Statistical Office) confirming that the number of UK residents
registered in Málaga province has diminished by a staggering 30% in the past three years.

Reasons cited are schooling, joint-taxation rules and for the elderly healthcare. The population register reveals that in excess of 5,200 British residents were removed but they weren’t
alone with more than 8,300 less extranjeros registered on the “padron”

Thursday, 26 January 2017

ENTERTAINMENT ~ Superstar Sting scheduled for Sohail gig

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Superstar rocker Sting, real name Gordon Sumner has been booked to play at the amazing Sohail Castle venue this summer as part of the Marenostrum Music Festival. The former Police front man, who is an unbelievable 65 years young, is schedule to perform on July 17 as part of a grueling international tour to support his new album 57th & 9th his first in more than a decade.

Although no ticket details have been released yet those lucky enough to secure one are promised a rock extravaganza with a special set backing on to the sea and a host of “surprise guest artists” Keep posted for more information on ticket availability

BREXIT ~ Supreme Court delivers landmark ruling on Article 50

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In a blow to Theresa May's article 50 plans, the Supreme court; Britain’s highest court has ruled 8-3 that the Government cannot trigger the infamous Article 50, formally notifying the European Union of its plan to exit the union without an act of parliament. The ruling upheld the claim that an arbitrary move would be unconstitutional, leaving the governments, as yet undisclosed exit plans in disarray with some MPs saying that the couldn’t vote if they weren't fully aware of the government’s proposals. This is set to run and run so remember to log on to Málaga 29640 for the very latest Brexit news or subscribe to receive the latest news direct.

MOTORING ~ Melons Galore as lorry smashes on to La Cala beach

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In a scene reminiscent of Compton Mackenzie’s 1949 Ealing comedy, Whiskey Galore, a lorry carrying a full load of watermelons crashed down on the beach at La Cala de Mijas after veering off the notorious bends on the infamous A-7 resulting in a hoard of “beachcombers” relieving the beach of its unexpected bounty. Emergency services including the Guardia Civil and Fire brigade were quickly on the scene and worked to release the 27-year-old driver from the cab wreckage before transporting him to the Costa del Sol Hospital. 

An eye witness told Malaga29640 that they were amazed that the driver had survived the accident but that they had heard he had only suffered minor injuries before continuing to fill their shopping bags with the ill-gotten fruit.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

BOMB HOAX! ~ Causes panic along the coast

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Bizarre but true, however, reports in both local "authority" channels further populated by the British mainstream press through their online media of terrorist activity on the Costa del Sol turned out to be nothing more than an unfounded hoax which served to do no more than cause huge anxiety to both residents and visitors alike. Despite assertions of confidential National Police sources the route of the "plot" was a mere domestic propane gas canister malfunction in an apartment block Marbella.

The bogus report then sparked an EOD team being rushed to Puerto Banus to examine a suspect bag. Following the various recent and horrific European attacks all Spanish Police force groups have been on high alert, which they have been for some considerable time, but scurrilous reporting like this only serves to hinder both the authorities efforts and the community's lifestyle.
2017©Málaga29640 | Image Credit: Wikimedia

FINANCE ~ Bilbao Judge annuls equity release mortgages

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A judge sitting at the Bilbao Court of First Instance has made a landmark ruling that twelve mortgage loans valued at six million euros, granted to British families mostly in Málaga province between 2004 and 2007, should be nullified paving the way for others who took out the mortgages to seek retribution.

The mortgages were all granted by unregulated mortgage firm SL Mortgage Funding nº1 Limited (SLMF) who were based in Bilbao but operated from the headquarters in Chester. The sale of the reversionary mortgages was conducted via commission-earning financial advisory firms including among others Hamiltons Financial Services & Henry Woods Investment Management based in Estepona, Marbella and Fuengirola. SLMF also recommended a network of lawyers which would downplay the extent of the lack of licensing requirements of the bank and the product adding credence to the schemes.

LIFESTYLE ~ Spain in plans to ratify time zone

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The Spanish government is considering a ratification of Spain’s time  zone to Greenwich Mean Time spelling the end of the beloved siesta. The campaign, which is being spearheaded by Minister Fatima Banez is designed to increase productivity and bring Spain in line with the rest of Europe.

Spain abandoned GMT some 70 years ago by General Franco in a show of allegiance to Hitler’s Nazi Germany. The ratification would see Spaniards working through to 6pm every day with no afternoon break.

FOOD & DRINK ~ Grupo VIPs opens new Gino’s in Fuengirola.

Malaga 29640 ~ First for Fuengirola News

You may not have heard of Grupo VIP’s but you have certainly heard of their brands which include Fridays, Starbucks and Gino’s. The group continues to show is commitment to the Costa del Sol with the opening of its latest restaurant, Gino’s in Fuengirola taking its exposure in Málaga Province alone to 11 venues. The group says customers will experience the all new brand and culinary proposal offered at its other Gino’s establishments with a positive focus on quality ingredients and produce sourced direct from Italy which can be enjoyed in convivial surrounds that it describes as a modern and urban atmosphere. Gino’s Fuengirola is situated at Avenida de la Encarnación nº 2.

FASHION ~ Where the smart money is headed in 2017

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This year’s fashion trend predictions are already out there with the usual what’s in and what’s out predictions. Elle magazine have done a great rundown drawn from fashion experts among others from Saks Fifth Avenue, The Shoebox & Bloomingdales. There is a consensus of opinion that Stripes are in, a favourite for some years now the trend looks like it is set to stay for 2017. 
In terms of footwear high heels are definitely a no-no with Sneakers maintaining their position but only with upscale embellishments and expect to see an upsurge in popularity for Mules.  Meanwhile Skinny Jeans should be consigned to the basura with the biggest trend being Easy Elegance, smart shirts well cut trousers and artisan accessories which is pretty much the de riguer code for the Spanish smart set already.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

PROPERTY ~ Holiday registrations soar as net tightens

Malaga 29640 ~ First for Fuengirola News

The first decree to regulate holiday properties in Andalucia came into force on the 11th May last year prompting over 4,500 applications in the first week alone.  Simply the decree regulates holiday rental properties to bring them into line with other accommodation providers such as Hotels and Hostels and was to all intents brought about after representations from these bodies who thought that unregulated rental accommodation posed and unfair advantage over their heavily regulated businesses.

Many owners thought that the enforcement would dwindle but quite the contrary with even the big property hosting companies like AirBNB being fined and the fines are not small. Málaga 29640 has teamed with specialist registration agents HPREurope who will speedily register your holiday property from as little as €399.00 inclusive and readers mentioning Málaga 29640 will receive a huge 15% discount. You can visit their website at or Click Here to send them an email.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

HEALTHCARE ~ Ayuntamiento hits back at stone throwers

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The Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola (Fuengirola Council) has hit back at the Social Service Managers' Association after the latter awarded the council with one it's "Heart of Stone" awards for allegedly spending the least in Spain on social welfare.  The award followed the Associations calculations that the Ayuntamiento spent a paltry €28 per inhabitant on social welfare placing on a par with Los Barrios in Cadiz.
However, the council has come back fighting pointing out that the calculations did not take into account its generous tax reductions which amounted to €5.8 million citing that if this figure was factored in it would in fact place Fuengirola near the top of the standing averaging out at some €108 per person. The Social Services Managers Association launched the awards in 2013 to highlight what it sees as a lack of care for the needy.

Monday, 9 January 2017

MOTORING ~ Staying street legal when driving in Spain

Malaga 29640 ~ First for Fuengirola News

We covered the new Spanish Driving license saga many times last year so we thought we would start off the new year by advising readers on staying "Street Legal" with regards to carrying the correct paperwork while driving in Spain.

As in general it is never a defence to plead ignorance of the law, this has never been more true than where Spanish motoring law is concerned. So this is just an advisory ready reckoner to make readers aware of their obligations in terms of the regulatory and in some cases advisory paperwork you need to keep in your car at all times.

Regulatory Paperwork

 ITV - This is the same as a UK MOT and as such is the documentation that is required to certify that your vehicle is roadworthy and in Spain it is mandatory for you to keep the ITV certificate in your car for inspection. As in the UK, new cars don't need one but as soon as your vehicle reaches four years old your vehicle must undertake (and pass) an ITV inspection.

Permiso de Circulation - This is the equivalent to a UK Log Book (V5C) and contains information on the owner, vehicle registration number, VIN etc

Valid Driving Licence - Again you must carry your Driving Licence with you when driving in Spain. If you are a visitor then of course your UK licence is valid, however if you are a resident you must convert your licence to a Spanish one (search driving licences)

(Many people don't like to keep the original of their ITV and Permiso de Circulation documents in their cars as there have been many instances where the either the paperwork or the vehicle itself is stolen and all the paperwork is lost. The only exception to carrying the originals is to have copies made and verified by an authorised notary. this not an expensive exercise and can normally be effected in an hour and costs as little as €7 depending on the notary but little price to pay not to have to apply for all the original documentation again.)

Advisory Paperwork

Insurance Policy - Contrary to popular belief it is NOT mandatory to carry your Insurance Policy with you as in accordance with all European countries motor insurance data is held on a central computer, however, again it is advisable to keep all the relevant documentation in your car particularly if you have an accident.

SPORT ~ Rookie Pro-Golfer secures top ten position

Malaga 29640 ~ First for Fuengirola News

The Ladies European Golf Tour has seen newbie Spanish pro-golfer, Nuria Iturrioz, secure tenth position in her inaugural year as a professional despite a pretty lacklustre performance which